Period 4. Assignment. Part 3

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Period 4. Assignment. Part 3 Empty Period 4. Assignment. Part 3

Post  Joselle S on Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:25 pm

Events after the main change in Florya.
When he had a gun pointed to his head, and when he was shooting at Hitler's picture.
When the nazi was going to burn the barn they asked who wanted to join them and etc. Florya tried and jumped out of the window and the Nazis said he was too young. So the general said get rid of him. One of the Nazi pointed a gun to his head. Florya was just in a daze and fell to the ground when the Nazi left.
Another event was when he saw Hitler's picture by the lake. He shot it more than 5 times out of anger. It was the first time he actually used the gun to shoot something.

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