Period 4. assignment part 4 and 5

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Period 4. assignment part 4 and 5

Post  melanieenda on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:25 pm

Assignment part 4?

Was the use of the gun an important piece of evidence in your groups decision making?

No it was not. The gun had nothing to do with Florya with coming of age emotionally.

Part 5?

Compare Florya's C.O.A. to Truman's.

Florya's C.O.A emotionally happened naturally. His own actions and his own choices led him to his coming of age. Truman on the other had, I feel like his coming of age was an accident in a way. He had grown up with normal emotions but then the stage/director started letting things slip apart. Then Truman started his coming of age in a different aspect. He would never have known everything was being controlled if things didnt get messed up around him. That was a man made mistake. It was not natural. And so i feel like they differ from each other because their coming of age emotionally was put on them in different ways.


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