period 4 assignment part 2

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period 4 assignment part 2

Post  Jerry L on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:34 pm

Florya's emotional line is stepped over into manhood when he meets with the large group of soldiers and villagers. He is blamed for the death of the townsfolk, including his own mother and sisters, and it is obvious that he just can't handle being blamed for such a mistake. It is apparent that he realizes that he was thinking like a child when he was looking for the gun, and when he wanted to go to war, and now with the blood of war on his hands, he lets out all of his emotion in one fell swoop, screaming into the mud and pushing his own face in it, and in every act of violence that happens to him or someone around him for the rest of the film, his emotions in general are absent. He is held with a gun to his head, he is placed in a burning barn, and yet no new emotion spreads to his face, other than the look of just the weariness of war.

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