Assignment 2 (Shouldn't this assignment be in Garden of Eden?)

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Assignment 2 (Shouldn't this assignment be in Garden of Eden?)

Post  Michelle Lyn Luna on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:27 am

The story of the Garden of Eden relates to coming of age in the sense that the actions and situations of Adam and Eve heavily mirror those that a majority of humans must go through: first they have their lovely little bubble of a world where no wrong can happen from their actions, then they are given a choice, knowing this choice will change them permanently, and then they decide on that choice. Adam and Eve pick the negative choice, thrusting them into the struggles of life as we know it --in other words, adulthood. This is the choice of all people --Peter Pan excluded, of course.
I just went and read answers of some of my classmates and I 1.) must heavily agree with them (especially the sentiment that coming-of-age involves opening one's mind to the idea that there exists evil in the world and that one must learn to avoid such) and 2.) do not believe I can phrase such as eloquently.

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