Could Mr. Jefferies cast represent his manhood?

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Could Mr. Jefferies cast represent his manhood? Empty Could Mr. Jefferies cast represent his manhood?

Post  Jaime D. on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:25 am

I feel that as Mr. Jefferies is crippled in his wheelchair it has also continued to damage his manhood. He is unable to work his as a photographer. He is constantly gazing outside his window watching his neighbors as they go through their daily routines.Everyday two women come to take care of him which can make him feel less dependent on his own capabilities to take care of himself. As the movie goes on he gets more closer to the 2 women in his life as they all go through figuring out a murder. They all go through some great to suspenseful moments, both Lisa and Mr. Jefferies lives were put in danger. At the end of the movie, Mr. Jeferries is sadly injured by Mr. Thorwald breaking his other leg. Now stricken with both legs broken we see a sleeping Mr. Jefferies with a smile on his face as Lisa watches over him. Could it be that Mr. Jefferies believes that it is sometimes okay for someone to be dependent on someone else for help and shouldn't have to live a life on their own.

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