Mr. Jefferies' connection to the windows

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Mr. Jefferies' connection to the windows Empty Mr. Jefferies' connection to the windows

Post  Jaime D. on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:08 am

There are connections that can be made with each moment Mr. Jefferies looks into a specific window to his thoughts on Lisa,their future relationship, and life in the future. When he looks into Miss Torso's window he compares her to lisa, a gorgous woman wanted by every man. It is very likely that every man has a dream to have a gorgous woman to fall in love with him. When that dream in unobtainable, most men would just fantasize about the life they would. Mr. Jefferies has that girl, but he does not know what to do with her. Everytime he looks into The musician's window or Miss Lonelyhearts window, he realates to them as they all are living alone by themselves and not spending the majority of their time with their loved ones with them. When he looks onto the couple on the balcony he sees the future marriage that he may have with Lisa that he may or may not to have. Then when he looks at Mr. thorwalds window he can see a future of Lisa's and his marriage deterioating as time goes by it gets worst. This is making him realize that he doesn't want to have a marriage with Lisa since they already argue as boyfriend and girlfriend. Other lookers have little to no relationship to Mr. Jefferies

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