Existential Adulthood -Before Development

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Existential Adulthood -Before Development

Post  Michelle Lyn Luna on Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:43 pm

My group had existential adulthood, and as Mr. Hart had described for us, "Existential is a term that pertains to someones ability to assess what life means, or what it could mean." We understood this and the assignment as 'pinpoint the moment when Florya develops the ability to think deeply or critically about his life, its purpose, and the massiveness of everything going on in and around it. I get to share with you the points we picked before his existential development, each displaying a lack of ability to assess the severity of life.
The first point we picked was when Florya discovered the destruction and deaths of his village and family. We agreed that he knew, in his heart or mind, that they were dead before anyone outright said 'dead,' but due to his lack of development his brain simply could not handle or grasp the concept that everyone he knew and loved had died. He did not understand the value of life at this point, so the loss of such a great amount of life didn't fully make sense in his brain, and, as such, his brain denied this concept he could not understand as he tried to believe 'they're here' when he knew otherwise.
The second point we picked was when Florya was almost killed in the mine field. This was another point at which Florya's brain could not and did not fully grasp all that was going on, but this point was pivotal because we believe this was the point where his brain started to question and realize things like 'why didn't I die?' and 'that could have been me in that minefield.' This was when the gears of existential development started turning, but the machine wasn't revved up or functional just yet.

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