Existential Adulthood

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Existential Adulthood

Post  melanieenda on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:38 pm

As mr hart said, it is a term that "pertains to someones ability to assess what life means, or what it could mean" I think that the best way to try and get an understanding of life, is to experience EVERY aspect of it. You can read about it, or you can actually do it. It is placed in the same category as physically, mentally and emotionally because you need to discover all of those and more. To understand life, you have to know how it is to feel, how it is to hurt, etc. It sounds easy,.. but you would have to spend more years than you have to actually live trying to find an answer. Bottom line is existential adulthood is connected because all those things combined is actually the biggest part of life.


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