The Dead Dog and the Window

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The Dead Dog and the Window Empty The Dead Dog and the Window

Post  Jerry L on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:44 pm

While people have yet to see if the dog has any literal meaning in the actions it took when looking at plot, the death of the dog can coincide with the symbolism of the window. As it says on the half sheet, there is a common theory that the window and what is outside of it represents television. If you take this theory and apply it to the death of the dog you can see that no one besides the owner of the dog really cares about its death, they all give it a sad look and go back to their regular lives, practically ignoring everything the owner said. This may not have an extraordinarily deep meaning but the dog and/or the owners could easily represent a genre of show on television, that being a melodrama or a soap opera. The owner is yelling about how she loathes the person who killed her dog and rants about how her neighbors are awful, and life seems to continue after the event. Miss Lonelyhearts is a woman that just can't seem to find the right man for her and dreams about having the perfect spouse and as such represents a normal drama (even her name contributes to this theory.) With this theory people seem to think that Mr. Jefferies's apartment represents reality and that he's watching all of these different shows, but I think that he himself is part of his own genre, that being a mystery. Here he is trying to figure out all of this detective work (oddly enough he has a camera and binoculars to complete all of the sleuthing he needs, and also knows a PI,) with those around him, almost in traditional Scooby Doo format. If the film took place from the perspective of the couple on the balcony (this couple being the sitcom of the group) one would be able to look at the character of Mr. Jefferies and company and comprehend that they are sleuthing around in business that isn't theirs, confirming them to be just another show in the courtyard.

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