symbolism of The Rear Window

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symbolism of The Rear Window  Empty symbolism of The Rear Window

Post  michael perry on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:12 am

This just has to do with symbolism in general not the directed topic. When we were watching today right when Mr. Hart stopped it he was trying to itch he foot with a back scratcher. I think that him almost scratching his foot means he is close to finding out if that guy did kill his wife. Also the back scratcher could represent the detective he callied. It, helps him a little bit to get to the scratch, helped him get closer to finding if thaat mans wife is dead.

michael perry

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symbolism of The Rear Window  Empty Symbolism

Post  Jalan McGee on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:22 pm

I like the comment from "Perry" I hadn't looked into the movie that far. But I do agree that the detective and the mystery of the wife's murder were connected in this scene with the back scratcher and the cast on his leg. This is also an incomplete thought but I think the movie shows some importants of certain things to a woman. In the movie they say the wife would never leave without her wedding ring or other jewelry. And the house nurse said if anyone wanted her to take off her ring they would have to cut her finger off for it. I think this shows how important marriage is to society. Or how important it used to be. Very Happy

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