The Addiction of TV

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The Addiction of TV Empty The Addiction of TV

Post  Miranda H on Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:23 am

I agree fully that the window could symbolize a television. If you look at our society today you see the affect that it can have on people. People of today's technology would literally be lost without it. It's like finding that one really good movie or show that you can't turn off until you find out what happens. You can see that when Mr. Jeffries is struggling to stay awake to watch everything. TV also often leads people to think they know more than they do. After an episode of CSI or Law & Order and suddenly they can tell you exactly how a court system or crime scene functions. While I agree that a murder has occurred, some things may be skewed to the viewer causing them to favor one outcome over another. Just like if you were to hear of a court case on the news and jump to, "He's totally guilty!" There are always those details that we know we don't know.

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