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Post  Ana Abundez on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:29 am

If a child is being baby-sat he acts normal, calm and nothing goes wrong, but as soon as his parents walk in everything turns upside down they act rude, impatient and everything goes bad from that point on. this scenario made me think of today, Mr.Hart posted a question on the notes, and i don't remember the exactly way it was written, but it went something like this; If the window is ment to symbolize t.v what does it mean when someone outside of it (T.V) goes into it (T.V). (horrible wording sorry) I feel like Alfred Hitchcock knew the reaction that tv would have on society. For instance when a normal person watches tv he acts himself but if that normal person gets famous and appear on tv he acts so different, he doesn't act the same way he use to. I think Alfred Hitchcock knew this, due to his happened alot within this movie. let me explain, when Lisa was in jeff's appartment she was: nice, simple, freindly, a delicate person, but when she went outside of jeffs apartment she felt like she was tough and can take the whole world by herself. I think this can be the superficial answer to Mr.Harts question am sure this question has many answers that go into depth.

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