Symbolism of Ms. Lonelyhearts

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Symbolism of Ms. Lonelyhearts  Empty Symbolism of Ms. Lonelyhearts

Post  Jerry L on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:39 am

Ms. Lonelyhearts goes through quite a rough time during the film, and this could very well represent the plot as a whole at the different points in time. When Mrs. Lonelyhearts was dining with herself, the mystery of Mr. Thorwald was just beginning, indicating that there was no evidence of the murder, nor was there much suspicion. Once the plot of the film started thickening, she found a date, but he ended up drunk and forcing her into advances she did not want, just as Mr. Doyle did not want anything to do with the "investigation" that Mr. Jefferies was going through. Toward the end of the film, she is getting ready to take a handful of pills, indicating that she's had enough of everything, which can be compared to the sheer puzzling nature of the murder plot to all who are involved, and Mr. Doyle's reluctance to continue. At the end, when the murder has been solved and everyone is relaxing and having their own moments of peace, Ms. Lonelyhearts is finally happy, talking to the musician above her apartment and listening to his music with him. Ms. Lonelyhearts is key in understanding the detail of the plot, as Mr. Jefferies is the one that is looking at her, foreshadowing, in some cases, where the plot is headed next.

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