Ironic Dead Dog Scene.

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Ironic Dead Dog Scene. Empty Ironic Dead Dog Scene.

Post  Lauren Ortega on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:25 am

During the whole dead dog scene, I found it to be quite ironic. I mean the only time the main character actually closes his blinds and tries to be a normal person, the dog was killed. Then the owner of the dog was complaining about how none of the neighbors care about anyone and if they knew the truth about the dog being killed, they wouldn't even tell. I feel at that moment Mr.Jefferies knew that he needed to figure out if Mr.Thorwald actually did kill his wife. Not just for himself to feel good about his window peeping, but also for all his neightbors safety. The dog being killed was the turning point in the movie which caused everyone to take a deeper look into the case.

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