A Happy Ending?

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A Happy Ending? Empty A Happy Ending?

Post  Victoria C on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:44 pm

So we finished watching the film today, and it seems that everything was resolved and that the neighborhood was at peace- Miss Lonleyhearts (I think that was her?) ended up with that composer who played the piano, Thorwald's apartment was being renovated, the dog lady got a new dog, and the dancing girl's boyfriend came back from the army it seemed like... And finally, it pans to a scene of Jefferies sleeping soundly in his wheelchair, facing away from the courtyard, and Lisa sitting peacefully on the bed reading. They seem to finally be content just being with each other, not looking out of the rear window. I'm thinking that it could symbolize that Jefferies has finally got over his obsession and after his crazy encounter almost being killed by Thorwald, Jefferies finally learned to accept his reality and be content with it.

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