Symbolism of last parts of the film

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Symbolism of last parts of the film Empty Symbolism of last parts of the film

Post  Victoria C on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:40 pm

I just had some thoughts on what we watched today in class... Mr. Hart asked us what it meant when someone from the outside of the "television" or Mr. Jefferies apartment stepped out into the actual television meant. Like when Lisa and Stella went out to dig and then Lisa actually went inside to search Mr. Thorwald's apartment. Could it be Hitchcock predicting, like Mr. H said, the future? The human race has definitely become so obsessed with media and what's on TV that at a given point, people immerse themselves fully into television and fiction and in their minds step away from reality. Mr. Jefferies and his girlfriend just became so involved with their Thorwald's business that it really did bring them together in the end, and it was like they made their reality from watching the "television". When Lisa comes back in the apartment from delivering the letter, there is a quick shot of Jefferies smiling at her with genuine love and affection. It is perhaps the most sign of appreciation and joy he has shown of her in the whole movie... and it took Lisa stepping out of reality and becoming completely involved in what interested Jefferies. That leads me to wonder what it meant when Thorwald actually came out of the "television" into reality, or Jefferies apartment. And then Jefferies started blinding him with his camera flashes. I know there is symbolism in that, I just haven't hit yet what it is.

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