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Post  Michelle Lyn Luna on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:23 am

Something is really really bugging me about the dead dog, guys. Who killed him? I know, my first thought is, of course, Thorwald. He's portrayed as a murderer of his wife, why wouldn't he kill the dog? Plus, that little pup was digging in his garden thing, where he may or may not have hidden something of significance of relevance to the murder or something. There's plenty pointing to Thorwald, including what begins to bug me: earlier in the film, the sculptor lady tried to shoo the dog away before Thorwald came out, warning that Thorwald "will be after [the dog]" if he caught him. The warning of such implies to me that perhaps the dog has intruded in Thorwald's space before, and he reacted negatively to the poor little puppy. How else would the neighbor have such an impression of a man she doesn't even really know? What bugs me is Thorwald should know this. If he is an average, self-aware human being, he should be at least somewhat keen on what his neighbors think of him, and he should be able to determine if any of them would think him capable of killing the dog. As such, he would take precautionary measures, wouldn't he? He'd at least get rid of the dog, so as to leave no evidence, as opposed to leaving the broken, lifeless body right next to his garden, wouldn't he? Or would he? It's just bugging and confusing me right now. If Thorwald did it, why didn't he dispose of the body?
I could just be looking too far into a dead dog though. That's also a possibility.

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