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Post  Miranda H on Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:04 am

As children age, they do not simply lose their innocence but they start to realize things and are exposed to others and this, in turn, slowly takes away their innocence. In “The Garden of Eden,” they were given the temptation/knowledge of eating from the forbidden tree that, prior to the serpent bringing it up, they had just never thought of eating from. This can relate to children directly since children slowly start to test their limits and disobey their parents as they grow older. However, the defiance was not what directly took away their innocence but it was the outcome of the defiance that created such a big impact. Adam and Eve’s realization that they were naked and the consequences/knowledge that children gain is what takes away that innocence. While children don’t lose their innocence as quickly, the process can be seen in the story of gaining knowledge of something that in turn causes them to lose innocence. Everyone goes through this coming-of-age process even though it’s not always at the same time or pace.

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