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Post  Miranda H on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:53 pm

Children are seen to live pretty care-free lives in many aspects and when faced with choices, they are far from difficult. Children's parents have most of the responsibility for their child like providing their basic needs or even doing something as simple as cleaning for them depending on their age. Children don't have to decide on which mortgage deal to go with or even what school they should go to. Children are left with simple choices such as what to wear or which toy they would like to play with next. As time goes on and the children get older, they are faced with new choices that could impacts lives such as which college to go to or whether or not they such take part in the experimentation of drugs. As the choices get harder, the real world is becoming exposed to them and they no longer see kids getting in trouble for not doing their homework or telling a lie but instead see murder, rape, and drugs in not only the news but also in everyday life. They can no longer be lied to and sheltered to maintain that innocence. They now have to face the everyday problems of the world and, let's face it, these problems are far from childhood innocence and naivety that can never be regained once lost.

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