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Post  Jerry L on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:42 pm

Yes, the phrase "Ignorance is bliss" is completely relevant to life and society as a whole today. Ignorance is the disregard for knowledge and the point of seeking it, and as such, one would be happy with what they have and believe, and would generally not be open to discussion on topics or beliefs that they disagree with or are uninterested in learning about. Ignorance is usually called upon when talking about religion, ethnicity, culture, and social class, as many people that belong to one of these groups may not agree with other groups of people in the same general area (Christians and Muslims believe in similar things, but many of the teachings and much of the believed history are vastly different, and this is why they are separate religions). If someone is raised in the American culture today, most people that would be reading this response right now for example, would travel abroad to a different country, say Japan or France for instance, they might not understand the culture. The difference between acceptance and ignorance is whether you're comfortable learning about the differences between cultures. If you say, "this is strange, and you people are strange for doing it," that would be ignorant. It means that you are in belief that your culture is superior to theirs because it is familiar to you. And this happens all of the time in everyday life, which is why I believe that yes, it is relevant to our lives.

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