Manipulation as it pertains to Lisa

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Manipulation as it pertains to Lisa Empty Manipulation as it pertains to Lisa

Post  Jerry L on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:50 am

The camera in the film generally looks at things through the eyes and thoughts of Mr. Jefferies. Whenever he looks through his binoculars, you can be sure that a camera shot that looks like it's from his eyes is going to follow. Following this logic, it is easy to assume that over time, Lisa becomes more keen on the idea of sleuthing and spying, but is it really her enjoyment of the matter? Lisa Fremont is clearly a city girl, and it is hard to believe that over the course of almost a week she has suddenly fallen head over heels for the jobs and errands that Mr. Jefferies asks from her. Taking a step back from the feelings of Mr. Jefferies, it becomes more clear that perhaps her allegiance to the mystery is not a true one, but that she is only partaking in this nonsense to obtain Jeff's attention and affection. She whines and moans for a good portion of the beginning of the film, but once she sees how interested he is in the business of the Thorwalds, she suddenly understands how much it means to him, and starts to play along, putting things in the mail and snooping around with Stella. By the end of the film, she's committing trespassing, theft, and even takes some pushes and grabs for the sake of finding the man guilty, all to get Jeff's emotions to stir for her. The end of the film is highly symbolic of this, seeing that Jefferies is sleeping, and that Lisa is being her old self, spending time with her magazines of fashion and fame, as if the entire plot had not taken place.

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