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Post  Michelle Lyn Luna on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:17 am

It could be argued that becoming an adult forces one to leave his or her childish innocence behind because to fully become an adult one must be able to understand and exist in the harshness of the world. A person cannot go on as an adult with the belief that the world is full of rainbows and hope and happiness simply because the world is not like this and having such an attitude would not get one very far in life. Understanding this present harshness of reality tends to itself be enough to kill the innocence of one's mind through pessimism and cynicism, as innocence --and the supposed bliss that comes from it-- does not grow particularly well in an individual when combined with knowledge, harshness, and pessimism.
In terms of what my classmates have said, I'd have to agree that children are innocent purely because parents --and possibly society as a whole-- make them that way. The cynic in me would also like to add that children may just be so innocent and blissful and such because they haven't been around long enough to discover hatred for the world or its situations --something only discovered through the experiences of adversity.

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